Care For The Aged

Caring for the Aged is very important to KZN CMD. That is why we operate a Home for the Aged in Durban, called the Tuinsig Home for the Aged.


Based in Sunny Durban, Tuinsig is a specialised maximum care facility.  Tuinsig cater specifically for the frail amoung us and for those who find it difficult to cope on their own with the normal activities of daily living.  Sixteen one-bedroom flats and 31 bachelor flats in an eight-storey building with limited parking overlooking the Durban Botanical Gardens.  The main building consists of 14 rooms, 28 semi-frail, 4 double rooms and a frail care centre with 42 beds.  Our Frail care centre also provides for Alzheimers patients.  Tuinsig has an enviable reputation, situated close to medical facilities.  We are home to residents from various cultures from all over South Africa.  We have special links with a number of hospitals and also with other role players in providing loving care for the terminally ill.  Officially founded in 1981, Tuinsig provide the empathetic care, physical and psychological support so necessary to our frail residents, their families and friends.   Tuinsig ensure that life is still enjoyed to the fullest, with a wide range of activities suited to the degree of frailty, which helps each individual to reach their potential.

We are working towards a Provincial Strategy for the caring for the Aged.

Please keep your eye on this website for further updates.