Greytown Children's Home

– the home of happy children!

Unemployment, a lack of basic infrastructure services, understaffed medical facilities, dysfunctional schools and proper public transport add up to poverty being amongst the highest in the country.

The result is that the evil circle of poverty, deadly diseases and the lack of basic services are thriving, while there are also a decline in social and moral values which create a situation where children suffer the most. They are abused (or exploited for material gain), neglected or experience severe poverty. Children have thus to be legally removed from their place of stay and placed in children’s homes like Greytown Children’s Home.

The objectives of Greytown Children’s Home are:-

  • To provide physical, psychological, cultural, educational, and spiritual care for our children.
  • Prepare them for possible reunification with their parents, or foster placement, as well as for adult life.

To execute these objectives the Home follows a holistic care program where our children’s needs are individually addressed by the Director, social workers child care workers, medical staff and other support structures. The programs are on-going and are adjusted when necessary. The goals set are achievable and are realistic in accordance to the child’s abilities. Time wise the programs run for the whole of the child’s stay at the Home.

Our children are accommodated in 7 houses on the premises (Junior children = 18 per house and the senior boy’s and girl’s house = 30 per house). They receive 3 balanced nutritious meals per day, attend school, and participate in sport at school level and the necessary medical attention needed. The Home accommodates children living with HIV/Aids as well as other disabilities.

The Home is

  • Highly respected by the communities within which it operates.
  • Regarded as beacons of hope for the destitute.
  • The beginning of a new life for all our children.

The Greytown Children's Home thus provides a safe haven for disadvantaged and vulnerable children. The large number of children placed in our care and the positive results that emanate from their stay with us is proof of the necessity to continue the service that is rendered to our children.