Malvern Children's Home

Our vision:

To give hope to children in need.

Our mission:

We provide daily care for children in need through specialised services.


There are 120 children in our care:


The Children’s Home cares for children who have nobody to look after them or due to their care giver(s)’ inability to do so due to poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

Family breakdown is common.   Child neglect and child abuse are still rife in the community.   There has been an increase in the number of orphans as a result of the HIV Aids pandemic.

Children are admitted who have been exposed to severe neglect and abuse.   Parents do not have the personal qualities or financial means to care for their children.

We have children in our home who are mentally challenged and need special care.


Children come to the Children’s home looking frightened and bewildered.

When a Childcare Worker greets the child with a smile and a hug it is a very touching moment.   The reaction of the child is usually a faint smile and some of the tension is released.

This child is then taken to the cottage and immediately there is a feeling of homeliness and belonging brought about through having your own bed and the availability of food.

The friendly environment of the Children’s Home and all the play mates have a positive effect on the child.   The child receives private clothes and also new school clothes which they are very proud of.

It is when they play on the playground and run around that you get a feeling that this child has arrived and will be better of.

Our children’s accomplishments

  • Excellent sport achievements
  • Academic achievements
  • Evolving into successful adults.

Siemens Caring Hands House

  • Siemens Caring Hands House houses young adults that have left the Children’s Home but have nowhere else to go.
  • The aim is preparation for the adult world.
  • Opportunities are provided to study further.
  • Advice and support is given.
  • The children are involved in Church programs.
  • Social events are organised.


The Malvern Children’s Home is a place where children can be safe and develop.

Children need our love and support!